"Un cititor trăieşte o mie de vieţi înainte de a muri. Omul care nu citeşte trăieşte doar o singură viaţă." – George R.R. Martin

Quote of the Day – 1 October 2017: Journal of evil – Lucian Mareş

I used to try to cure this alleged disease, but I was most likely on the wrong track! And when I say that, I think of my former psychologist that I liked to talk to. Or at least, if he were still alive, he would say the same thing to him as his brilliant imbecility, which he always showed: "There is no disease that cannot be cured."

What a moron!

However… Maybe he was right. No one could cure me because I didn't have any diseases. I was denying my true nature. The only really smart thing he said was a moment before he stabd the pen in his head. He told me everyone had their own madness. Hearing these words, so profound and also so cheap, I realized that he could not get any further than that. That doctor, whom I thought was having an above-average intelligence, who sometimes showed signs that he would understand me in the depths of my nature, had no soul! He was not a soul, but a brain that analyzes, says, speaks, answers and generates questions just like a machine. Maybe someday he had a soul, but over time that spark faded into it, the mind taking the place of the heart, taking the place of inspiration and instinct.

It was my duty to release him!

I used to want to permanently detach myself from the educational grids so I could search, so that I could look the "truth" in the eye.

He who accepts the order before established and imposed by others, forgetting to explore his inner experiences, will never find the truth.

Let's be honest! The truth is history? The truth is reality? Both stink! Both present man as a monstrous, abject, animal being, animated by passions of nothing, dirty desires and criminal attitudes. Truth is the animal nature of man. The truth is what everyone denies, for they all live in a lie and they all try to hide the truth.

Is that the truth?

The fact is that it all starts in doubt! When you wonder what the truth is, you're in doubt and you know that you're at best able to judge over your true nature… But in my life experience, I've learned a good, useful, and truly practical thing – when you doubt something, use brute force! It always works.

Whatever way we take, whatever reasoning we follow, we get to the same place. Violence, pain, crime, cruelty, perversion, vice, blood, animality and instinct.

Listen to your instinct, for that is the truth!

It's very hard to get rid of the educational norms in which you've been brutally imprisoned, but once you've obtained freedom you realize that nothing can turn you away from the glorious path of your personal becoming.

Some chick calls me to tell me she's in love with her boyfriend, and ask me what I think of her. What advice could I give her, because she hasn't been as much in love as she is now, and she's afraid of it. I felt somewhat flattered. I thought no one but me really understood my wisdom. We are all wise in ourselves, but rarely appreciate stakes.

He did well because he asked me. I, the Living God of Wisdom!

I told him to go and him right now! There's no point in discussing feelings as long as he feels them. She replies that she cannot defend herself in front of them, nor does she know whether she deserves to fall further in love or not. She doesn't know if she needs to get carried away… nor can he command such things…

These discussions are meaningless! You have to live first and then undo your emotions in words. There's no logic or a law in the feelings. In feelings, the sentence is given before and judgment after! Why does she want to know everything, to filter with her mind things she hasn't felt yet? Where does fear come from and where does the need to take precautions come from before you experiment, a priori? It's absurd. The path of the heart is a solitary road. No one can give him advice on this. And when I say that, I mean advice, not opinions! Opinions can have anyone and i don't use anyone. Not even the one who has them. An extra or less opinion is the same. Giving your opinion means not knowing. And yet, many confused people are guided by opinions. According to other people's opinions. That's so stupid.

My advice was good, but unfortunately that's not what i was waiting for. She didn't want advice, she didn't want opinions. She didn't want anything I could give her, nothing anyone could give her. She wanted to know the taste of an unknown fruit before tasting it. I said, Go him. It's beautiful, it's sunny, it's spring and you feel like you love it. Go with him… don't talk to me things that, and if I tell you, you don't understand them as long as you haven't experienced them once."

But she was stupid, as I intuited. She was waiting for me to encourage her and tell her other stupid nothingness, which could lift her spirits and also justify her hesitations and the tacit suffering in which she indulges.

How can you help people when they're stupid and don't understand?

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