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Quote of the Day – September 4, 2017: Lady of shadows – Mihaela Strenc

Ana hadn't been so worried in a long time. Since he had caught his son with his two little girls, Justin had become too quiet. He was always away, and when he came home, he lay gloomyly in his room. To get him out of his depressing state, he invites Gabriel to dinner. He immediately accepts, knowing from his daughter the whole story.

Respecting the principle of punctuality, the former leader came with the whole family at six sharp and, immediately Valentina rushed to kiss Ana, envenging her in rose perfume. After the battle in the House of Spirits, she had recovered her light quickly, in just a few years, and was welcomed into the family as full-fledged Watchers. However, Gabriel had refused to take his lost position, arguing that his brother deserved more than that he would be at the head of the Watchers.

 – Hi, how are you? He asked her, with a baby smile.

Even at that age, the woman had something of a little girl's innocence, Gabriela seeming to be her sister rather than her daughter. As for Bogdan, her son, he was already much taller than her with a head, although she was only sixteen years old. There were two successful children, the boy being diligent as the father, and the cheerful and lively girl like the mother.

 – Come, sit down, call them Ana.

Justin was taking a seat at the head of the table, sullen. It is only willing that a grumpy greeting is muttered so as not to show a complete lack of politeness.

 – And Valentin? Gabi asked. He's not home?

 – Yes, Ana replied. I don't know what he's doing in his room… I'm going to go check it out.

She had already called him twice, but he had not received an answer, so he decided to go after him. He found it at the window, listening to music on his headphones. He was wearing a black T-shirt with a band printed on his chest and had put on his earrings. It seemed that the boy with a scrobiting shirt and jacket had disappeared. When he saw her, he took off her headphones with a smile.

 – What's the? Has Saint Gabriel come?

 – Stop talking like that and come to the table because the food's getting cold.

The young man was following her, walking in pain, as if she were laising to move, and when he arrives, he throws himself on to a chair and waits for him to be served. He eats a little, then took a cigarette out of his pocket that he lit without asking permission. Ana was beginning to fear that it was a bad idea to call him.

 – Do you know the story of the fox-tricked bear? They started, putting his foot over his foot. Guess who the bear is right now.

All eyes turned to Justin, who kept quiet.

 – What's it like, Dad, to be the bear? Cool, huh?

 – Valentin, don't talk to your father like that! Ana intervene.

 – Mom, you're so… Always so idealistic, so… Pure… When I was a kid, you'd tell me that if I wasn't good, I'd end up in heaven with greenery and meadows. And I was praying to get back in, because heaven seemed boring to me.

Laughs alone and pulled another smoke.

 – You guys go to heaven, I want fun. Women, drink, that's real life. Isn't that right, Dad?

Sensing that he is dying of shame, the woman looks desperately at Gabriel and his wife. Everyone looked crisp, and Valentina looked at her with sympathy, probably understanding what she was going through.

 – Come on, Dad, share with us from your experience, you've got enough.

A single upsetting roar accompanies his words. Valentina gets up awkward, apologizing for having to leave. Gabriel remembered that he also had something else to do, so there was only Justin and his son left at the table.

Ana did her duty as host and guide them to the door, excused herself in the boy's name.

 – I don't know what got into him, he never acted like that. I'll talk to him.

The two smiled at her, assuring her that they were not upset. Their assurances did not comfort her, however, and as he watched them get into the car, you feel the sting of envy. They formed such a beautiful family, and Bogdan and Gabriela had never cafound problems for their parents. She, by contrast, was crushed between two proud men and could only hope that the bomb would not fall on her. When he was back in the living room, Valentin was no longer. She was terrified because she was terrified that her husband now had a doppelganger, in the person of a young justin with blue eyes. He had had a hard time dealing with one, how to cope with two?

Tightened the table and told the man to come to bed. He really had to shake Justin, because he couldn't stand his silence anymore. She couldn't leave her alone right now, when she needed more advice.

After she arrived in the room, she lets him put on his pajamas and then spoke to him:

 – I think it's just a teenage crisis. It can't be serious…

He looks at him, looking for confirmation on his face. But Justin's eyes were lost in the dark.

 – I'll ask Valentina to talk to him. You know she's very persuasive.

 – He won't listen to her, he's talking, cleavaviting his mouth hard. He'll only understand when he breaks his neck.

 – Why do you say that? Well, maybe…

 – Because he's like me!

His cry had broken his string of words and at that moment, Ana realized that Justin was crying. She was stunned, because she had never seen him like this before, even in the worst situations. The Leader of the Watchers, whom no one could touch, had been shot down by his own son.

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