Contest! – If you started writing today, what would you write about?

So, we sit tight in our homes, look out the window at the blossoming spring trees and wait to get back to normal before this :)

By will or need, some have more free time than others, at least by reducing time spent in traffic.

And that's how I came up with the idea of a contest: if you were to start writing today, what would you write about?

Written Machines
Written Machines – © Scorum

Write a comment on this post (not on facebook or other methods) and three winners will be chosen on May 1.

I will try to ask for the help of three Romanian authors in choosing the winning comments, if they fail, I will use the for the choice of the winners.

What will they gain? One deck of books of your choice (depending on availability at the time) from Quantum Publishers – you can see the book packages on the publisher's website.

I'm going to write and good luck!

#stamacasa #stamacasasicastigam

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