Let's get ready for the Gaudeamus International Fair with a competition.

It is a little short to the Gaudeamus International Fair, one of the most important events this year and, as one of the goals of this site is to encourage reading, I want to celebrate this event.

So… beat the drums and announce the following:

Great contest, great!

Starting today, for 44 days (days, no glasses, yes?) you have the chance to enter the contest to win all 5 volumes of the series "I died, fortunately" written by Theo Anghel.

The winning person will be chosen on November 23, 2017, with the help of random.org, of those who will leave a comment on this post and receive the series "I died, fortunately" accompanied by the author's signature. And if he can make it to the Gaudeamus International Fair, he can get the cards directly from the author.

To participate in this contest you must take the following steps:

Let the contest begin and… "always be the sorted on your side!" :)