Winter contest, with prize consisting of summer-slam books

Because winter has settled across most of the country and summer seems to be a little too far away, because it follows February and March, months when we celebrate love and this site turns a first year, I thought of a small contest.

The prize of this contest is, as otherwise, related to books – the Series Of Customs Nights written by Dan Niță – 4 volumes that will warm the soul of readers.

And if the label of "vamaiot" suits you, you will surely find a shred of known stories, beautifully reported in these volumes.

So, tell me by a comment what books you want to read (why not, on the beach, in Customs) in 2017, and on February 24, 2017, by Dragobete, will choose the winning comment and the four volumes of the Books of Customs Nights, with your autograph directly from Author.

In about 5 days after we have the address of the winner the cards will reach the winner via the Romanian Post Office.

These four books were written from the heart, in Vama Veche, the author being inspired by the place, people and events lived there.

The first three volumes contain small stories, while the fourth volume – "Customs Nights. The novel" is based on the story of a character who arrives in Customs for the first time on May 1.

That said, I declare the start of the contest :) how other than with a little quote "always be sorted on your side!"



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